Without a doubt, sax and Deep House
are great friends and this genre
is something I really enjoy

Beach Club & Nightclubs

At the time when more effervescence is required, the ductility of the sax and the specific themes for that moment encourage joy and everyone joins in the same party spirit.

Deep House music provides a glamorous atmosphere that encourages sharing, joy and enthusiasm for a moment when everything is perfect: landscape, service and atmosphere.

Live sax ranks and glamorizes the experience at your Beach Club.

Deep House - Chezz Gerdi, Formentera


The best-known pop songs take place in my repertoire as versions with an original and harmonic sound style, they acquire with the sax the desire to accompany it, because you recognize them and they generate that smile and complicity with the people with whom you are sharing. that magical moment.

Creep - Karen Souza - Chezz Gerdi, Formentera

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