Distinguish your corporate events
with the elegance and freshness
of the sax

Entertainment of different types of events and musical genre with saxophone​

Make your event unforgettable. The saxophone is a unique instrument that gives a pleasant, fresh and prestigious touch to your event.

In addition to the versatility of musical styles that adapt to each moment and event. Added to the years of experience in the world of music, it is a combination that guarantees the success of your event.


Hierarchize and give prestige to your event with live sax.

The joy of the meeting is enhanced by recognizable live music, which makes you smile and make you want to hum or move your foot, to the rhythm of that song that touches your heart.

Personalized and covered pop songs, the Deep House style or the lifelong classics that have been made current by the different musicians who have covered them are styles that can be chosen for that moment.

The banquet and the open bar are other moments in which Saxophone Music brings joy and prestige to your event.

Depending on the style and what you want to convey, I can help you choose the most appropriate type of music for each moment of the celebration.

In this way you will ensure that your event has your stamp, doing it in this way, absolutely personalized.

Smooth Operator - Sade feat. Eva Dinora, Alvaro Ponce, Edu Olmedo - Valencia


That song that represents you as a couple, that generates complicity in you, that accompanies you in that beautiful stage of the celebration that is when the bride and groom enter the cocktail in a triumphant way and receive the affection and greetings of all your loved ones. Everyone will know and share with you “the music of your life”

Sweet Child O' Mine - Classics of all life - The Westin, Valencia

Deep House - Ibiza Polo Club - Ibiza

Careless Whisper feat. Natalia Bliss - Versions

DJ + Saxo - Fiesta

Momento de encuentro, familia que hace tiempo que no se ve y que comparten vuestra felicidad. Momentos de charlas y de ilusión. La música de un saxo en directo, caminando entre la gente, genera un ambiente agradable y alegre, que da prestigio y categoría a vuestra celebración.

Se pueden elegir diferentes estilos de música: Música pop conocida, música Deep House como la que suele utilizarse en las celebraciones de Formentera, y los clásicos de todos los tiempos, que se han hecho actuales por los  diferentes músicos de hoy que los han versionado.

A veces, los novios se sienten más representados con un estilo música y en otras ocasiones (al haber diferentes edades entre los invitados), eligen que haya de todos los estilos, para que todos  se sientan representados.

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